How to Use the Wiki

Foremost, information should be presented here as In-Character - this means present what characters may have discovered through general banter, news, gossip, from growing up in a particular part of the world, or from their studies into various things (for example, Knowledge: Religion for information about churches of the various deities, Knowledge: Local for many NPCs, Knowledge: Geography for locations).

Technical information, whether that's the list of stat bonuses a particular elven subrace gets or information about a custom class on Cormanthor, simply does not belong here and will be removed. This wiki is purely for the lore fluff, no numbers!

Simply type the name of the page you want to create in the address bar of your browser. e.g. to create a page entitled Foobar the Merciless in the category People, append /people/foobar the merciless to the wiki url to create and visit the page. You can then click Create This Page to, well, create your page.

Alternatively, if someone's already referenced a page in the text of an article, just click the red text link Foobar the Merciless and hit the Create This Page button.

Do always check that you are creating a page in the correct category/namespace before saving your page!

Each category/namespace has a standard format specifically created for its articles. This template will appear automatically in the edit window when you create a new page, and it's this code that enables all those fancy info boxes. Do not delete this, use it!

Articles that don't follow the standard format take too long to correct and will simply be deleted.

Do follow the standard format that the article should have been created with. You should add information that is reasonable for characters to know generally, rather than simply repeating all of the information from official source books. These source books are designed to contain a breadth of information (much of it highly secret in the game world) for DMs to use when running a campaign, not necessarily for players to assume as common knowledge in their game world.

Not everyone has permission to delete articles outright. Deletion requests should go to Eredruie

More help with styling pages, and advanced styling syntax explanations, can be found in the syntax page.

Making links is sometimes confusing, though.

If you are linking only to pages in the same category/namespace, then you can simply surround a word in square brackets [[Like So]]. You would use this method when linking from one deity article to another.

If you want to link to a page in different category/namespace, your link needs to be preceeded by the category/namespace [[help/Like So]]. You would use this method when linking from, say, your character biography page to an organization category page.

  1. Edit the Portraits page
  2. Hit the icon in the editor toolbar.
  3. A new window will open, you can browse to your portrait file (in .zip, .rar, or .7z format please!) and upload it. You should also use the opportunity to change the filename to your character's full name so that it is easier to identify.
  4. When your file has uploaded, the list of files in the media window will refresh. Click your character's name to insert a link into the page.
  5. Move the generated link code to the appropriate place in the list, alphabetically by first name.
  6. If you update or change your portrait, you should append a number to the file name rather than overwrite.

If you still can't make sense of things, don't contribute to any articles and double-check with someone wiki-savvy before creation a page for your character. Questions can be put on the forum or in the IRC channel, please don't ask people when they are in-game.

Have a look at Wanted Pages to see what's being linked to the most but doesn't have an article page yet.