Relevels & Remakes

Relevels & Remakes are handled only by the Administrator and Lead Builder, and are subject to their discretion.

Relevels are generally only approved to fix mistakes made when taking your last level.

Remakes are generally only approved to fix mistakes made at initial character creation, by new players who haven't yet been acquainted with the technical manual.

Occasionally, remakes are appropriate to allow a character to be feasible after a major story arc, such as a fallen paladin. In these circumstances, a docking of XP is also appropriate, so that there is a true sense of loss.

The final exception is where a server update results in a fundamental change to class abilities (to be determined by the lead builder). When this is appropriate, it will typically be mentioned in the patch notes, and there will be a limited window during which remakes & relevels will be offered to those affected.

Before creating a character, we encourage you to check out our Technical Manual for changes to default NWN and to familiarize yourself with our custom skills and feats. We also encourage you to make use of the community in the #builds-and-mechanics channel on our Discord server to ask questions or solicit build advice.