Guilds, Groups, and Factions

Players are allowed and encouraged to start or join groups of like-minded characters in Cormanthor. This can be anything from a trade guild for potion-brewers, to a classical mercenary company or adventuring troupe, to a cell of Zhentarim agents working in secret, and so on.

Groups of any kind can have a lasting influence on the Dalelands & Cormanthor forest through their reputations, their deeds, and how their members are perceived by common folk, churches, and Lords alike. Will you become famous for derring-do or rich from the fruit of your skill? Will people whisper your group's name in quiet fear, or will they hail you as their saviors in dangerous times?

You do not require DM permission to start a group.

The Organizations page on the wiki is the first port of call both for new factions to announce their presence and for players to find an active faction for their characters. Create a page, tell people what the group is about - are they recruiting more members? Why would someone want to join them?

Please note that there are many canon factions in the Forgotten Realms, and while we've made an effort to list those active in our neck of the woods, you're welcome to get a character involved with a faction that isn't listed. Have a chat with the DM team if you want a hand, or some more faction background info.

Private subforums on the board are available on request for groups who wish to make use of them once they have become established.

These subforums represent your ability to leave messages securely for other members, and allows private forum RP (including with DMs) and general OOC coordination between members. You don't have to have an in-game property to have a subforum, but you should at least be able to identify a common area (eg. a tavern, a grove, or suchlike, in module) that your group regularly meet in and/or may leave letters at.

Main Article: Acquiring Property

As your group grows, you may want to think about finding them a home of their own in the module. In addition to the prestige it provides, creating your area comes with perks such as safe spots to rest and shared persistent storage chests.