Earning Experience Points

Characters start off at third level. There is a focus on low-to-mid level play, with characters spending an increasing amount of time at each level. In particular, there is a focus on levels 7 through 12. You are strongly encouraged to pick a character build that you will enjoy playing at those levels.

There is currently a “soft” cap at level 12; we do not expect to see characters progress beyond level 13 in the near future.

As a roleplaying server, we encourage characters of all levels to join DM events, engage in in-character politics, and interact with our world.

Achievement XP is the only mechanism by which a character can progress beyond level 12. Achievement XP is earned by participating in DM events, leading factions, writing character stories, and otherwise is meant to be a reflection of any marks your character makes on our world. Achievement XP is permanent across all levels and cannot be lost via death or any other means.

There is an XP Shaping system in place which looks at a character's total time active in-game, and reduces XP if you're farther ahead than expected. This is the primary mechanism by which we limit progression, and discourage “hitting max level” before getting involved.

We expect most characters to see their XP reduced at some point. It is not a penalty, nor is it meant to discourage you from killing monsters & exploring.

There is a small bonus given to the time earned by characters who are played regularly, but less frequently. This bonus can be accrued for up to a week, and in no cases ever makes it more efficient to not play.

While everyone's free time varies, we expect characters who are played regularly to take approximately 1 week to reach level 6, 1-2 months to to reach level 8, and 6 months to reach level 12.