DM Interaction & Plotlines

We strongly believe in active DM-to-player interaction in order to enrich the server world. Though you may interact often with DMs, it is strongly advised that you start/join a faction or a group of characters in order to put your mark on in-game events and history. If you choose to make a lone wolf character we will still do our best to include you, but remember that roleplay is an inherently social activity and you may have more fun if you manufacture events such that your character is forced to interact with others - even if they don't enjoy it.

We do our best to promote and build a setting in which intrigue, politics, and other such interaction is prominent. We strongly believe that players can advance a story on their own without relying entirely on DM support. As such, your characters - if you play their cards right - may become figures who can alter the setting and story and take it in different, unexpected directions. Responsible (and OOCly friendly) players in key positions allow for plots to bloom in the absence of present DMs and provide more action during the “quiet hours”.

We encourage players to be proactive and communicate with the DM/Admin team about their goals for their characters and any intentions of 'group' formation or ambitions within the setting. Help us help you have fun.