Type Humanoid
General Alignment Any
Typical Languages Regional, Elven
Habitat Surface
Subraces Half-Moon Elves
Half-Wood Elves
Half-Sun Elves
Deities Usually Faerunian Pantheon, sometimes Elven Pantheon


Half-elves are born through the union of an elf and a human. Whether a half-elf was raised by their human parent or their elven parent, they often felt isolated and alone. Because they took around twenty years to reach adulthood, they matured quickly when raised by elves (who think they look like humans), making them feel like an outsider in either place.

Most half-elves were descended from moon elves.

Half elves stand roughly around 5 feet 5 inches to six feet two inches (1.65 – 1.88 meters), making them only slightly shorter overall than humans, and weighed in at 130 – 190 lbs. (59 – 86 kg), making them heavier than elves but still considerably lighter than humans. Like humans, half-elves have a wide variety of complexions, some of which are inherited from the elven half of their heritage. For example, half-moon elves typically exhibit a pale, bluish tint around the ears and chin, while half-sun elves often have a color more reminiscent of bronze, with hair of gold.

Unlike true Tel'Quessir, however, male half-elves are capable of growing facial hair and often do so to distinguish themselves, in part, from their elven parents. Half-elven ears are about the size of human ones, but like elves, they are pointed on the ends. Half-elves are also notably more durable and passionate than either elves or humans, a unique result of the two races' blending.

Half-elves usually adopt the dress and hairstyles of the culture among which they were raised. However, it is also fairly common for half-elves raised among humans to wear elven clothing in order to proudly display signs of their dual heritage. Regardless of what they wear, half-elves stand out in a crowd through the combination of physical distinctiveness and force of personality.

Half-elves mature at a slower rate than humans, and can live for over 180 years.

Subrace Adulthood Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
Half-Elf 20 62 93 125 185

As long as humans and elves had interacted, there had been cases of half-elves being born between the two races. In spite of this, the race typically remained rare enough that, except in rare circumstances, half-elves had not congregated together in large enough numbers to form true communities.

Historically, half-elves had flourished when elven societies, such as the ancient empire of Cormanthyr, began to decline, as they lost their territorial integrity and came into contact with human settlers. In more benign cases, half-elves were common where humans and elves have learned to live in harmony rather than in opposition, such as the nations of Luruar or Aglarond.

Deepingdale was founded by the half-elf Imryll Eluarshee. With Elven communities remaining nearby after the fall of Myth Drannor, Deepingdale is the most 'elven' of the dales with a strong half-elven population.