race_elves.jpg Left to Right: Drow, Wild Elf, Sun Elf, Wood Elf, Moon Elf
Type Humanoid
General Alignment Chaotic
Typical Languages Elven, Sylvan
Habitat Various
Subraces Moon Elves
Wood Elves
Sun Elves
Wild Elves
Aquatic Elves
Deities The Seldarine (The Dark Seldarine)
Groups Eldreth Veluuthra, House Jaelre, Clan Auzkovyn


Torilian elves are of equal height with humans, though their body types are far more slender than most humans. Elven bones are lighter than the other races' skeletons, but they are equally strong as thick, stocky dwarven bones. Elves' hands and fingers (and feet and toes) are slim, delicately tapered, and longer than human hands; as a result, they have wide, strong hands that belie their fragile appearance. In fact, while the elves' structures make them seem weaker, their musculature is far denser and stronger than humans with similar frames, allowing them to be underestimated in contests of strength.

Their angular features and thin faces give them regal appearances, whether their temperaments deserve them or not. Of course, it is no surprise to state that elves have pointed ears, though there seems to be a direct angular line to follow on all elven faces; the angle of the elf's cheekbones correlates to the angle of the ears' top edge. Aside from these descriptions, the elves are distinguished by hair, skin, and eye colors, and their tempers and habits.

Subrace Adulthood Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
Elf, Sun 110 210 315 420 820
Elf, other 110 175 263 350 750

Note: while elves technically physically mature at a rate similar (but not equivalent) to humans, their emotional maturity and social education is much slower, thus they are considered adults much later.

While many elves feel a pull of wanderlust to adventure in their early adulthood, this does not typically last their entire adulthood. Most elves settle down and bear children in this phase of life, a few putting it off into early middle age tend to have smaller families.

Main Article: Moon Elves

The elves most often seen by other races of Faerun, they are generally seen as more worldly than their cousins.

Main Article: Wood Elves

Dwelling in ancient forests, such as Cormanthor, wood elves remained in Faerun during the Retreat.

Main Article: Sun Elves

Most Sun elven families who did not dwell there before travelled to Evermeet during the Retreat. Sun Elves are regarded as haughty and snobbish.

Main Article: Wild Elves

Unknown to many of the Heartlands, Wild elves are believed to be much like the Wood elves though they dwell in deep jungles in faraway lands.

Main Article: Drow

Still sometimes referred to as Dark elves, the Drow were exiled and cursed by the elven gods millennia ago.

Drow are not a playable subrace in Cormanthor.

Main Article: Avariel

The Avariel are a race of semi-legendary winged elves who are said to dwell in distant and high places, unreachable by friend and foe alike.

Avariel are not a playable subrace in Cormanthor.

Main Article: Aquatic Elves

Aquatic elves live secretly underwater, some claiming they populate the Sea of Fallen Stars while others claim they dwell in Cormanthor's ancient lakes.

Aquatic Elves are not a playable subrace in Cormanthor.