Race Human (Turami)
Gender Male
Age 30s
Place of Origin Gulthmere Forest
Occupation Ranger
Patron Deity Silvanus
Affiliation Rangers of the Halfaxe
Status Alive

Yander Of Gulthmere

Yander is a dark-skinned human of apparently few words, he seems to look upon the world with a detached disinterest. Nonetheless, this tall and hardy huntsman is well-respected by travellers as a capable archer and by his peers as a steadfast and reliable ally. Though it is not his homeland, Yander seems well-acquainted with the Cormanthor and, being from another old and extensive forest, he seems quite a home living far away from civilization.

A hunter through and through, Yander's prey in recent months has been brigands and other unsavoury people who travel in the woods nearby. He has taken to posting bounty notices and will pay rewards to those who succeed in defeating these outlaws. Yander can be found in the Ranger Station on the Halfaxe Trail intersection, in the cave behind the burnt out building.

Yander was one of a band of rangers rescued by adventurers after having fallen prey to a basilisk that had assailed their old underground supply station. Years had passed between the rangers petrification and their eventual rescue, but thanks to the help of the adventurers who defeated the creature they were able to reclaim their old base of operations anew.