Title Swordcaptain (Iron Company)
Race Human (Turami)
Gender Female
Place of Origin Battledale
Occupation Soldier
Patron Deity Helm
Affiliation Lord's Men
Status Alive

Valary Greaves

Swordcaptain Valary Greaves has been with the Lord's Men for years, now, rising to the position of Swordcaptain of the Iron Company. A capable soldier and administrator, she is well-respected and popular with soldiers of the Iron Company, and is often at Lord Ilmeth's side in official matters - especially after the troubles of recent years.

As Swordcaptain, she is responsible for the 4 Shields (sections) under her command, and is primarily concerned with the defense of Essembra and Lord Ilmeth himself, as well as the recruitment and training of young soldiers.

Allies & Enemies

Captain Greaves is a mamber of the Lord's Men and serves Lord Ilmeth Wyvernblade. Her enemies are the typical enemies of the Lordship and common Battledarrans; particularly bandits and other ne'er-do-wells who plague the surroundings of Essembra.

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