Alias The Songbird of Moondale
Race Moon Elf
Gender Female
Age Adult
Place of Origin Dalelands
Occupation Royal Herald
Patron Deity The Seldarine
Affiliation The Mailed Mantle
Status Incorporeal Undead

Tyvessa Mithrem

Once called the Songbird of Moondale, the elf Tyvessa sang the victories and exploits of the Mailed Mantle on their travels and campaigns. A close and trusted associate of Aencar, she was a skilled diplomat with a knowledge of the realms that surpassed many of her brethren.

In death, her ghostly visage is just as beautiful as she was said to be in life; her pale hair in lustrous curls, elven eyes radiant and bright, her sweet smile dimpling her cheeks. Alas, at her neck is a great dark wound through which the observant can see severed muscles, veins, windpipe, and the bright white of bone. Nonetheless, her ghostly voice remains enchanting.

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