Alias The Flamefiend, Scourge of Sessrendale
Race Red Dragon
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Status Dead

Thraxata The Red

This terrible red dragon, commonly known as the “Scourge of Sessrendale” (due to its supposed rule of terror over the now-destroyed dale), has been the bogeyman of the central dales in recent years. On Elesias 7 1373 DR, Thraxata set many fires in Battledale, consuming a large part of the woodland there.

By the end of Eleint 1373 DR, Thraxata's sole egg was stolen from her nest in the Bloodhorn, a mountain in the Thunder Peaks. Having managed to track the thief's steps up to Mistledale, she proceeded to lay waste to the fields surrounding Ashabenford and demanded that the thief, supposedly hiding within the township, returns the egg to her in two weeks' time and that the Mistrans also pay tribute to her. Nearly two weeks passed by with the egg still missing, and many Mistrans believed that the end of Ashabenford is nigh - that is, until a band of adventurers consisting of Edryk Corvinus, Rayne Lethys, Dawson Fisher, Draukur and Maijani return the egg to the doorstep of councilor Heresk Malorn.

Though they have remained somewhat tight-lipped about the circumstances under which the egg has been reclaimed, the absence of many trained Riders and Militiamen was not lost on the locals. Tales tell of a great battle that took place along the River Ashaba with scoundrel who have sought to gain the egg for their own use: Some spoke of great sorcerers, others of undead terrors, some of Sembian mercenaries and a few even claimed that the Zhentarim were behind the theft.

In the beginning of 1374 DR, it was discovered that Thraxata has gone to lair in the hills near Feather Falls, extorting its populace for tribute in secret. With the coming of Sir Johann d'Edoras to their town, they challenged him and the adventurers whom accompanied him to slay the “beast”, as they called it, if he so wishes to take rulership of their town and its lands. Though they did not expect him to return, it was in this battle that Thraxata met her end, as did her young.

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