Alias The Fey Lady, The White Witch
Race Fey
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Place of Origin Cormanthor
Occupation Druidess & Enchantress
Patron Deity Unknown
Affiliation The Seelie Court
Status Presumed Alive

The Saileach

A tall, elf-like fey woman - her beauty only matched by her mystery; the Saileach dwells near, and has sometimes been seen in Battledale. To date, only in the winter time.

There are many strange rumours about a pale, beautiful witch that dwells in the southern woods. Some of these seem to have been attributed to the occasional appearance of an elven woman in Essembra, and yet none are confirmed.

The only whisperings of her strange name, have been from the likes of Mirrinda Miritar and Lorcyon

Rumoured to be loosely affiliated with the Circle Of The Southern Dales

Of all things, she is rumoured to be heralded by a talking fox, that she awakened to sentience.