Alias The White Wolf,
Guardian of the Grove
Race Cormanthor Wolf
Gender Male
Age 6
Place of Origin Around Deepingdale
Occupation Wolf
Patron Deity Nature Deities
Affiliation Circle of the Elder Grove,
Circle of the Southern Dales
Status Alive


A large, snow-white wolf with piercing blue eyes, sometimes seen roaming the Cormanthor alone.

He is known for having a bratty disposition and a tendency to raid knapsacks for foodstuffs.

Rumoured to have been seen frequently in the company of Mirrinda Miritar up until about the spring of 1374.

He is rumoured to dwell in the woods around Battledale, and many hunters have voiced their desire to take his fur - but he has thus far apparently eluded them.

The wolf seems friendly enough to woodsfolk encountered in the forest, particularly druids and rangers.