Alias Doommaster, Doommaiden
Race Human?
Gender Female
Age Mid-late 30s
Occupation Travelling Priest
Patron Deity Beshaba
Affiliation Church of Beshaba
Status Unknown

Taeryl Ravenstone

Taeryl is a travelling priestess of Beshaba. A tall and imperious woman, she has a head full of stark white hair despite only being in her 30s. She is often seen in fine but practical travelling clothes of black and dark grey with crimson trim, and her grey cloak is emblazoned with Beshaba's Badge - the heraldic symbol of her church - for all to see. She makes no effort to hide her allegiance, and is often seen taking money in exchange for minor blessings or warding charms to keep her baleful goddess' influence at bay.

Recent History & Rumors

A wandering priest of Sembian origin, she seems to make her travels around the Dales for at least the last decade in Daleland memory, often settling somewhere quiet for the winter season and spending the rest of the year travelling from settlement to settlement.

Taeryl left Ashabenford in late Autumn of 1373, following a violent altercation with several adventurers that led to her brief arrest by the Riders of Mistledale. While no edict was passed to mark her banishment, it is widely accepted that she was driven out of town.

Travellers report having seen her in Battledale over the Winter of 1373/74, and, in late spring/early summer, she is said to have hired a band of adventurers to travel off-trail into the forest with her to retrieve some item. It is understood that the group were successful and all returned to Essembra, at which point the Doommaster took to her horse and rode away swiftly with her prize. Those who helped her acquire the object later claimed to have had to raid an old and ruined temple of Tymora in order to retrieve part of a broken statue.

In the early summer of 1375 DR, Taeryl hired adventurers in Hap to recover an item stolen from a murdered fellow-priest. Adventurers discovered that a group of Cyricists had stolen holy symbols from both a Beshaban and a Tymoran and were using them for some foul rite - which the adventurers stopped.

Allies & Enemies

Taeryl's only true enemies seem to be her faith's enemies, and she can often be heard denouncing the foibles and follies of the Tymoran faith, much to the chagrin of Lady Luck's wandering faithful and layfolk alike.

She seems to keep on peaceful terms with many Dalelands leaders, who seem content to tolerate her presence provided she does not stay in their holdings for long.

Mistledale's Nelyssa Shendean regards her with quiet hostility, and many of the Riders of Mistledale and Chauntean monks tend to share her view.

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