Race Human
Gender Male
Age Mid 20s
Place of Origin Sembia
Occupation Nobleman, Ex-Mercenary Commander
Affiliation None
Status Alive

Simon Lionpride

Ostensibly the leader of the Lionpride band, Simon is a blonde human of clearly some ambition. His previous preoccupation with assisting Blackfeather Bridge with its banditry troubles in the surrounding countryside has earned him both plaudits and suspicion from the adventuring community.

Recent History & Rumors

Simon and his band appeared in the winter and were, so the gossip goes, driven from Feather Falls by Johann d'Edoras' retinue prior to the Cormyrian slaying a dragon and claiming the township under his rule.

With the defeat of the The Red Wolf by the Companions of the Scarlet Bishop, Simon lost a public enemy to fight, and rumors of his Sembian origin finally caught up with him. He was driven from Blackfeather Bridge towards Battledale.

Allies & Enemies

Simon's machinations seem to be directly undermine the workings of a bandit leader who calls themself The Red Wolf. The Red Wolf has since been defeated by the Companions of the Scarlet Bishop.

He is accompanied by two companions; his sister Renee Lionpride, and an elven tracker named Aliethil Whitefield.

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