Race Human
Gender Female
Place of Origin Moonsea
Occupation Blackguard (Fallen Paladin)
Patron Deity Bane
(Formerly Tyr)
Affiliation Zhentarim
Status Alive1)

Scyllua Darkhope

Scyllua Darkhope is the Castellan of Zhentil Keep and High Captain of its armies.

A fallen paladin of Tyr, she became a blackguard of Bane. Under her leadership the Zhents were able to recover after the near complete destruction of their city by the humanoid army sent by Cyric in 1368 DR.

Scyllua is lean and athletic, possessed of a fierce charisma that both inspires and frightens. She leads the Zhent raids in person upon a white nightmare named Targaraene. Scyllua is determined, persistent and intelligent, wading into battle with joyous abandon. A zealous agent of Bane, she is a enemy of all good.

During a campaign of espionage and destabilisation of Battledale in 1374 DR, adventurers intercepted correspondence meant for Scyllua Darkhope, suggesting that she had a definite hand in the foiled plot - presumably aiming to weaken the Dale before an invasion that, blessedly, did not happen.

Scyllua leads the armies of Zhentil Keep and thus commands the loyalty of Zhents and Zhentarim agents.

Her enemies are goodly folk and faiths - particularly the church of Tyr, and the Harpers. The Dales are also against her.

Note: As we do not follow later edition FR canon, Scyllua Darkhope has not been killed.
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