Title Swordcaptain (Golden Company)
Race Human (Chondathan)
Gender Male
Age Near Middle-aged
Place of Origin Battledale
Occupation Soldier
Patron Deity
Affiliation The Lord's Men
Status Dead

Ryman Whiteshield

Swordcaptain Ryman Whiteshield's leathery skin and salt-and-pepper hair showed the wear of many years on patrol, but his eyes were as sharp and keen as ever.

A practical man with a successful career in the Lord's Men behind him, he was widely respected by Essembra's Men-at-Arms and the peasantry of the hamlets and merchants whom the Golden Company protects. He was known as a capable Captain who had done much to restore the fortunes of the south of Battledale.

Because of the Golden Company's regular reports to Swordcaptain Whiteshield, he'd developed a reputation for knowing anything and everything that happened in Battledale.

Whiteshield commanded two Shields of the Lord's Men, the third having deserted in Spring 1375 DR.

Recent History & Rumors

Swordcaptain Birvon Bloodhorn of the Arandur Company nominated Ryman to be successor to dead Lord Ilmeth at a town meeting in Essembra, in the summer of 1374.


Captain Whiteshield perished in the hunt for the Black Archer in the weeks after Ilmeth Wyvernblade's death. With Whiteshield's death, his claim to the throne of Battledale ended.

Allies & Enemies

Captain Whiteshield was a member of the Lord's Men, as such, his enemies were the typical enemies of the Lordship and common Battledarrans; particularly bandits and other ne'er-do-wells who plague the surroundings of Essembra.

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