Alias The Lion
Race Chondathan Human
Gender Male
Age Middle aged
Place of Origin Sembia
Occupation Garrison Captain
Patron Deity Unknown
Affiliation The Mailed Mantle
Status Incorporeal Undead

Rudyard 'the Lion' Duncastle

The garrison captain of Aencar's Keep was a grizzled old Sembian warrior who spent his career with the Mailed Mantle and mentored Aencar until he was ready to take over the group's leadership. When Aencar united the dales, instead of retiring back to Selgaunt on a pension and the spoils of their adventures, Rudyard insisted on serving his friend in the capacity of advisor and captain of the garrison.

In death, his ghostly visage is weathered and fatherlike as he was described in life; his full beard is streaked with white just as his hair, his tabard bearing Aencar's royal crest. His apparition is now in two halves - his torso separated from his pelvis, the two halves never quite syncing up together as they were in life.

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