Alias The Red Wolf
Race Human
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Place of Origin Unknown
Occupation Bandit Lord
Affiliation Red Wolf Bandits
Status Dead

Gregor Vaegil

The shadowy leader of the Red Wolf bandits, little was known about the Red Wolf beyond the control he had over bandits in Featherdale. He communicated through messengers and packages marked with the symbol of a red wolf. It's unknown what he looked like and where he was from.

Allies & Enemies

The Red Wolf was at odds with Simon Lionpride and his mercenaries, as well as the Companions of the Scarlet Bishop. The adventuring community at large has also fought his bandits.

Recent History & Rumors

He was revealed to have been a man named Gregor Vaegil, though little else was revealed. The whole truth has likely died with him.

He was defeated by the Companions of the Scarlet Bishop, and his operation ruined. He was hanged in Feather Falls soon after.

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