Race Moon Elf
Gender Female
Age Adult
Place of Origin Deepingdale
Occupation Grand Druid of the Cormanthor
Patron Deity Angharradh
Affiliation Woodsfolk of the Cormanthor
Status Alive

Mirrinda Miritar

A lesser scion of House Miritar, and former adventuring Druid.

She was at one time known to have been one of a Circle of totem sisters based near Highmoon but they disbanded, and Mirrinda is the only known survivor in Cormanthor.

Recent History & Rumors

After the long absence of a Grand Druid in the Cormanthor, in DR 1375 the remaining woodsfolk elected Mirrinda Miritar to the position.

Since then she has largely retired as an adventurer and held her seat in the Elder Grove, trying to maintain good relations with the nearby Dalesfolk whilst building the strength and influence of the Grove and her Circle.

Allies & Enemies

Mirrinda had been a known ally of Lord Ilmeth Wyvernblade of Battledale before his death, and helped relieve the beleaguered town during the plague brought down by Xalathros the Twisted in 1374.

She is a staunch opponent of the Drow in the region.

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