Alias Doctor Melsany Trinder
Liane Sardavar
Race Human (Chondathan)
Gender Female
Age Mid 20s
Place of Origin Scardale Town
Occupation Nightcloak of Shar,
Apothecary & Physician (Formerly)
Patron Deity Shar
Affiliation Guild of Alchemists, Cult of Shar
Status Dead1)

Melsany Trinder (Liane Sardavar)

A green-eyed red-haired Daleswoman with a quiet mein, since about 1371 or '72 this mysterious woman kept up the false identity of kindly apothecary and physician Melsany Trinder - duping many in the Dales.

She was well known as a founding member of the Guild of Alchemists in Essembra, and adoptive mother of the orphan boy Toman, as well as a highly skilled and reliable healer. However, there were rumours of dark associations with thugs and scoundrels, and suggestions that she may have been involved in the disappearance of a mysterious Shadow Gem and attacks on Selunites.

Following her murder of Ilmeth of Battledale and the Long Night that fell over the town, it was discovered that Melsany was the false identity of someone called 'Liane Sardavar' and was from Scardale Town, not Featherdale as she had claimed. It seemed that she had some kind of vendetta against Battledale from the time of Lashan's War. It was discovered that this was due to the death of Captain Malcolm Sardavar during the war, a ranking officer and loyal servant of Lashan who perished with his lord when the battle was lost and both Lashan and his closest allies fled to Myth Drannor.

Recent History & Rumors

During the foul miasmic plague that struck Essembra in the summer of 1374 DR, Melsany was one of the few healers with knowledge enough to concoct treatments against the sickness. She remained in Essembra throughout the plague, attending to the sick, but was never seen without a heavy robe, wide brimmed hat, and perfumed beak mask - the fashion of an experienced plague doctor. It is notable that she asked for no payment for her services during this period.

In Flamerule 13752), Melsany was summoned to Ilmeth Wyvernblade's keep in Essembra, as the Lord had apparently fallen ill and his servants wished the most eminent physician in the town to attend him. After a scheme to ensure that the adventurers associated with The Lord's Men were out of town, she summoned a foul shadow creature that murdered Ilmeth and plunged the town of Essembra into 24 hours of unnatural, starless and moonless darkness. Melsany was later found to have fled the town and remained in hiding, wanted for regicide. Evidence was later found in her chambers at the Guildhouse that proved she had secretly been a priestess of Shar.


At the start of Eleint 13753) Melsany - or Liane Sardavar as she was truly named - was hunted down and discovered on the Plane of Shadow, in a dark and twisted version of Essembra. In her dark castle, adventurers Clandery, Idabelle Almonte, Jonas Verlon, Shea Miller, and Coralyn Durothil defeated and killed both her and her associate Keziah.

Allies & Enemies


Melsany is also known to have been friends with troubled ex-noblewoman Keziah, though this appeared publically to end after Keziah became accused of the murder of Selunite Averine Fallstar. In truth, it was discovered after the death of Lord Ilmeth that Keziah was still in contact with her old friend, and was part of the secret cult of Shar that Melsany headed.


Melsany made enemies of Essembra and Battledale when she murdered Lord Ilmeth Wyvernblade. She remained a wanted criminal in Battledale until she was slain. Her name remains spoken with venom at how dark her betrayal against Essembra truly was.

Killed 1st of Eleint 1375 DR by adventurers
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September 2018
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