Alias Lord of Scardale, Lashan of Scardale
Race Human
Gender Male
Age Adult
Occupation Noble
Patron Deity Unknown
Affiliation Scardale
Status Missing, Presumed Dead

Lashan Aumersair

After inheriting the throne, Lord Lashan Aumersair set about to build Scardale's power and wealth, intending to conquer all the southern Dalelands.

Little is known of him these days, as Dalesfolk are widely keen to expunge him from memory. Scardarrans recall him as a charismatic leader who led them into prosperity before taking them to war.

Recent History & Rumors

In 1356 DR, he conquered Harrowdale, Featherdale, and, for a time, Battledale. He then moved against Mistledale and its ally Shadowdale, but was defeated by a hasty alliance formed agaisnt him by Cormyr, Hillsfar, Sembia, Zhentil Keep and the remaining Dales. Lashan disappeared after the battle, some believe he fled to Myth Drannor, others believe that he is dead.

Lashan commanded the loyalty of Scardale and he had an extensive force of mercenaries and adventurers under his banner of conquest. His enemies were those who supported self-determination of the dales, along with the Zhentarim and Sembia who both feared a united Dalelands and each wanted to carve a piece of the dales for themselves in the aftermath of Lashan's war.

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