Alias 'The Dragonslayer'
Race Human
Gender Male
Age Middle Aged
Place of Origin Cormyr
Occupation Lord-Protector of Feather Falls
Patron Deity Siamorphe
Affiliation Purple Dragon Knights
Status Alive

Johann d'Edoras

A proud Cormyrean man and formerly a Purple Dragon Knight, sir d'Edoras is a man noted for his bravery in many bloodied battles. Following a recent course through Sembia, he and his men rode into Featherdale and have remained there for the past weeks.

Some theorized that he sought a fiefdom, a land to rule and men to lord over. Whatever the case, he remained silent to those who asked, offering nothing but polite smiles in response. While Morninglord Horgontivar's repeated warnings against this man's prospective rule over Feather Falls went largely ignored, it is difficult to say whether the men and women of Feather Falls truly cared to relinquish their independence in exchange for the Cormyrean lord's wealth.

Recent History & Rumors

On the 1st of Alturiak, 1374 DR, Johann sent out a call to various hirelings, mercenaries, and adventurers to venture out on his behalf into the depths of Mistfall House and recover from there an artifact of his specifications. Only one party emerged alive of the complex, triumphant.

A few weeks later d'Edoras announced his intentions to lord over Feather Falls and its surrounding lands. The people of the township agreed, under one condition: That he slays the “beast” that has harassed them for so long. In truth, this beast was none other than the dragon Thraxata the Red, and d'Edoras was in fact sent as nothing more than its periodical tribute - but d'Edoras, accompanied by a few adventurers, slew the dragon and the people of Feather Falls in turn accepted his rule.

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