Race Moon Elf
Gender Female
Age Adult
Place of Origin Dalelands
Occupation Bard
Patron Deity Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Status Alive & Well

Jhaer Brightsong

A restless traveler, Jhaer Brightsong is very rarely at her Ashabenford home. She is known as the best minstrel in Mistledale, but she spends her time wandering all the Dales, and some of the nearby lands as well.

She delights in stories of old magic and doom averted, and sometime aids adventurers who share their tales with her.

Jhaer Brightsong was hired to perform for Johann d'Edoras at his nearly renovated keep following his company's defeat of Thraxata the Red in Alturiak 1374. Her performance entertained his guests of honour - those who assisted in the battle - and their friends.

Sometime after Eleasias 1374 DR, a rumour spread that Jhaer was missing and in places unknown. Dalesfolk and adventurers alike were known to ask around and discovered that Jhaer had seemed to disappear somewhere on her Daleland travels. She was soon rescued from a Zhentarim slave caravan in the forest by a band of elves, including Vesryn of Kyr, Mirrinda Miritar, Amyvain Melin, Ayowindhe Mirrenwe.

In Ches 1375 DR, Jhaer participated in the Battle of the Bards at the Silver Taproom in Essembra, however, she came second to young bardess Meliantha Ongluth.

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