Alias The Mantled
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 30s
Place of Origin Battledale
Occupation Lord of Battledale
Patron Deity Tempus
Affiliation Abbey of the Sword
Status Alive

Jarath Burlisk

Jarath Burlisk 'the Mantled' was the Abbey of the Sword's champion and later became the War-Chancellor of Battledale following the assassination of heirless Ilmeth Wyvernblade.

In battle, to honour his fallen ancestor, Jarath always wears a crimson red mantle over his helm, completely covering his bald pate and battle-scarred features.

With the Abbey of the Sword

The senior Sword-Sworn long claimed to be a direct descendent of Aencar Burlisk, who reigned briefly from Essembra several centuries ago as the Mantled King of the Dales. Few doubted that Jarath's bravery of passion matched that of his legendary ancestor, but many wished that the impulsive First Sword's courage was balanced by equal amounts of patience and wisdom.

Jarath took his responsibilities as First Sword very seriously, to the point of trying to win every battle single-handedly if need be. When not drilling his fellow Sword-Sworn and regional militia in battle techniques, he would often be found praying to Tempus.

Legitimacy & Rise to Lordship

Few questioned Jarath's claim of descent until after the death of Ilmeth Wyvernblade when Priest-General Gorym 'Brightshield' Harndrekker nominated him as new lord. Under the terms of agreement made, Jarath would have to prove his legitimacy of bloodline, while the other contenders had tasks to undertake to prove their worth.

Harndrekker hired adventurers to claim an artefact from deep within Aencar's Keep. After Peacemarshal Fiosane agreed to relinquish her nomination and allow Jarath to take the lordship uncontested, he used this artefact - a large and unweildy mace decorated with Elven inscriptions - to seemingly summon forth the ghosts of several of Aencar's loyal Mailed Mantle and prove beyond all doubt that he had the right by blood to rule.

Allies & Enemies

As a former member of the Abbey of the Sword and friend of Priest-General Gorym 'Brightshield' Harndrekker, Jarath counts these brothers and sisters of Tempus as his allies.

As the new Lord of Battledale, Jarath maintains traditional Dales alliances and considers enemies of the Dales to be his enemies also.

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