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Title Morninglord
Race Human
Gender Male
Age Middle-Aged
Occupation High Priest
Patron Deity Lathander
Affiliation Church of Lathander
Status Alive

Jallian Horgontivar

The unquestioned religious authority in Featherdale is, without a doubt, Morninglord Jallian Horgontivar - a tall patrician man who's gained the reputation of a man only about half as cultured and important as he thinks he is. The House of Morning, the largest (and only) temple in Featherdale is led by him, and has been encouraging new business ventures throughout Featherdale by loaning out gold at low interest to those who ask, in a desperate attempt to keep up with Sembian operations. Many believe that Horgontivar will retire from his service to Lathander very much enriched if one of the clergy members under him does not do away with him first in their haste to ascend to his polished marble high seat.

For an outsider, it is difficult to say whether the greedy reputation Jallian and his clergy have attained is deserved, considering the hard work and charity offered by this temple to the entirety of Featherdale. Travelers will often claim that some manner of feud took place in the past that embittered many of the dale's farm owners against the Morninglord, and the grudges have yet to fade.

On the 1st of Alturiak 1374 DR, Horgontivar called for a meeting of the major clergies in the region of Featherdale (notably Tyr and Chauntea) to discuss what he deems are grave, urgent news. As it turned out, a holy relic stored in a temple in Hap - a gem known as the Blood of Lathander - has cracked under mysterious, magical means. Though the qualities of this gem remain unknown to most, the three churches considered this event to be dire enough to send out any soul who was willing to retrieve an old and forgotten item of the Lathanderite church that has been sealed in a shadow-infested mine somewhere in Battledale. A company of adventurers did indeed answer the call, and returned successfully bearing the Everbright Lantern, whose light slowly but surely began to mend the Blood.

Those responsible for the cracking of the gem are yet at large, and the Temple of Lathander, short-handed, struggles still to capture them.

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