Alias Lord of Battledale, War-Chancellor
Race Human (Chondathan)
Gender Male
Age 60s
Occupation Noble, Soldier
Patron Deity Helm
Affiliation Battledale
Status Dead1)

Ilmeth Wyvernblade

The hereditary lord of Essembra (and, by extension, of Battledale itself) Lord Ilmeth was a descendant of Ramorth Wyvernblade - one of the Swordcaptains closest to Aencar, the Mantled King, who took over the stewardship of Battledale following Aencar's assassination.

Ilmeth was a grim, moody veteran warrior who was an adventurer in his youth before inheriting his position. Having weathered wars and occupation of his Dale by a hostile force during his reign, in his later years he was overly concerned with the safety of Battledale.

He was known to keep a large collection of Dales-hero and war related memorabilia in a private collection at his manor house in Essembra which Ilmeth's family had resided in since the days of Aencar.

Ilmeth had never taken a wife nor recognised any bastard as his own, and there remained no heir named for his throne upon his death.

In 1373 DR he survived an assassination attempt, in which many Battledarran citizens and Ilmeth's own secretary were slain by poisoned drink at the closing feast of a knightly tournament organised by the Knights of Saint Ambrose.


In Flamerule2) 1375 DR, Ilmeth was assassinated by dark magic on the day that Essembra was blanketed in shadow. The Senior Apothecary of the Essembran Guild of Alchemists, Melsany Trinder, was blamed for his demise.

Ilmeth was on very good terms with the Abbey of the Sword, and he was said to have become good friends with its founder, Eldan Ambrose, before the priest's demise.

Ilmeth was beloved by Essembrans and well-regarded by Battledarrans on the whole as a good and just lord. Other Dales also held him in a positive light, with other Dales leaders appreciating his no-nonsense approach and good counsel.

Murdered by Melsany Trinder in Flamerule 1375