Alias High Councilor
Race Human
Gender Male
Place of Origin Mistledale
Occupation Merchant
Patron Deity
Affiliation The Council of Six, Riders of Mistledale
Status Alive

Heresk Malorn

Heresk Malorn is the current High Councilor of Mistledale. The High Councilor is chosen by the Council of Six, which are six elected councilors who serve as Mistledale's governing body. The High Councilor bears a black rod as a sign of office and commands the Riders of Mistledale.

He is a quiet merchant known more for his wisdom and compassion than his martial skill. Heresk is doing an excellent job of keeping his people calm in the face of danger, but he worries that he might have to step down to make room for a true warrior.

Recent History & Rumors

Heresk's house is the largest in Ashabenford, so the Dale's Council of Six uses it as a seat of government. Plans to build a seperate council building or hall have gathered dust for years, since no one really wants to pay for an expensive public building.

Allies & Enemies

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