Alias Lord High Smith and Artificer
Race Human
Gender Male
Age Elderly
Place of Origin Unknown
Occupation High Priest
Patron Deity Gond
Affiliation Clergy of Gond
Status Alive

Gulmarin Reldacap

Lord High Smith and Artificer Gulmarin Reldacap is the senior priest in charge of the House of Gond in Essembra.

A snobbish and stuffy old man, Gulmarin and his under-priests venerate Gond as the patron of craftsmen rather than the vigorous patron of invention that adventurers may first think of. Gulmarin keeps himself to himself, tending to private temple duties rather than seeing visitors, and only the most devout of Gond's servants are permitted to take his time.

Recent History & Rumors

Over the years, his arrogant attitude has driven some worshippers away. The success of Swordspoint Shrine in Essembra has been partly attributed to the perceived unfriendliness of the Gondite temple.

Allies & Enemies

Gulmarin seems to dislike everyone save those who match his passion in the faith of Gond, but he is not truly hostile to anyone.

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