Alias 'Brightshield'
Race Human
Gender Male
Age Middle-Aged
Place of Origin Unknown
Occupation High Priest & Abbot
Patron Deity Tempus
Affiliation Abbey of the Sword
Status Alive

Gorym Harndrekker

Acting Priest-General Gorym 'Brightshield' Harndrekker is the current leader of the Tempuran Abbey of the Sword in Battledale.

A skilled fighter and master tactician in his youth, the twin effects of middle age and a nearly fatal encounter with undead creatures have robbed Gorym of much of his physical prowess. Nevertheless, the Acting Priest-General is still eminently capable of wielding his favourite axe in combat and, in times of need, reclaiming his youthful vigor. Moreover, Gorym's mastery of tactics and battle strategy have only increased with the passage of years, leaving him well suited to direct the Abbey's endless skirmishing in the surrounding forest.

Recent History & Rumors

Gorym was second in command to Eldan Ambrose, the founder and former Priest-General of the Abbey. Upon the death of Eldan Ambrose in 1371 DR, Gorym assumed temporary command that continues to this day.

In recent months, he has often lent the shield from which his moniker 'Brightshield' stems to leading members of the Sword-Sworn, for it is eminently useful in battles against light-sensitive drow.

Allies & Enemies

Gorym is firmly convinced of the importance of the Abbey's work, believing its founding to have been the diving will of the Lord of Battles. He also believes that the Abbey should work closely with its neighbours, particularly the inhabitants of Battledale, and he regularly dispatches warriors and clerics under his command as emissaries in various capacities.

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