Race Human
Gender Male
Age Adult
Place of Origin Selgaunt, Sembia
Occupation Spymaster
Patron Deity
Affiliation The Mailed Mantle
Status Incorporeal Undead

Garland Shemmer

Aencar's spymaster had a reputation for knowing everything that was happening in the kingdom. Once a gang leader in Sembia who aided the Mailed Mantle in bringing down a corrupt lord in Saerloon, he pledged to Aencar rather than face the letter of the law for past crimes. It is said that his ability to network with thieves and scoundrels across the dales proved invaluable to the expansion of Aencar's rule.

In death, his ghostly visage is as aloof and calculating as he was in life; a slender man with narrow eyes and seemingly forever pursing his lips, yet otherwise completely unremarkable and easily unnoticed.

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