Title Guildmaster
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 40s
Place of Origin The Vast
Occupation Alchemist & Guildmaster
Patron Deity
Affiliation Guild of Alchemists
Status Alive

Ermyc Norwood

A shrewd looking man with a sinewy build, pointed chin, and a small smirk that seems to be the only expression he is capable of.

Ermyc runs a stall near the Guild of Alchemists headquarters in Essembra, apparently keen to peddle his wares personally.

Recent History & Rumors

A transplant from The Vast and a member of an old Raven's Bluff family, Ermyc has lived in Battledale for some time, having become assistant to Callen the Magnificent – Essembra's previous alchemist of note – before the mage's untimely death.

Following Callen's accident, Ermyc continued the mage's plans to found a guild, becoming Guildmaster in his stead.

Allies & Enemies

As Guildmaster, the members of the Essembran Guild of Alchemists defer to his seniority and leadership.

Lord Ilmeth Wyvernblade has agreed to an exclusive licensing law, requiring practising potion-brewers to register membership with the guild in order to legally practice their craft and trade in the town and immediate surroundings. The benefits that this has to Essembran trade has ingratiated the Guild to the War-Chancellor, though some adventurers and common folk mutter darkly about kickbacks and bribes.

Some maintain that the circumstances of Callen's death were quite suspicious, with suggestions made that Ermyc, or the other founding members of the guild, had something to do with it. As yet, no evidence has been procured to prove this, and no official investigation has been made.

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