Race Human (Chondathan)
Gender Male
Age Middle Aged
Place of Origin Apparent Homeland
Occupation Shopkeeper
Patron Deity Unknown
Affiliation A snake cult (allegedly)
Status Dead

Duskar Flamehaern

The proprietor of Adderposts since the 1350s, Duskar Flamehaern, was a soft-voiced man of few words and nocturnal habits who was known to have a loaded crossbow handy at all times.

Since his wife took ill and died with wasting sickness, he dwelt above the shop with only his three daughters Esvele, Lhareene, and Rowan; beautiful, tall, thin, silent women with black curly hair that almost swept the floor when they unbound it.

Recent History & Rumors

It was long rumoured that the Flamehaerns were excellent forgers and limners, able to paint holes, nail heads, and seams where none exist so well that only the closest examination could uncover the deceit!

Under Duskar's ownership, Adderposts supposedly enjoyed a reputation in northern Sembia. It was the place to transact shady business for Sembians who did not want to be seen engaged in such activities by their fellows at any of the local Sembian shady establishments.


Duskar and his daughters disappeared one night, their shop was boarded up the Lord's Men the following day. Rumour has it that Rhannon Manycoats tipped off adventurers about some unsavoury business going on in the cellars and that a confrontation took place. The Lord's Men are tight-lipped but most assume that the Flamehaern family have all perished.

Allies & Enemies

Duskar kept his business quiet - few knew of his unsavoury dealings until after his demise.

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