Alias Battle-Chaplain
Race Human
Gender Female
Place of Origin
Occupation Priest, Field-Medic
Patron Deity Tempus
Affiliation Swordspoint Shrine
Abbey of the Sword
Status Alive

Brigid Sannaller

Battle-Chaplain Sannaller prefers to eschew her first name in favour of her title. She is the priest in charge of the day-to-day running of Swordspoint Shrine, the small Tempuran temple in Essembra.

Recent History & Rumors

Sannaller was one of the victims of the poisoning at the Tempuran Tourney in late 1373 DR, but with the aid of druid Mirrinda Miritar's blessings she was made well and was able to help the other victims.

During the Essembran plague in Summer 1374 DR, Sannaller and her underpriests were almost overwhelmed with the sickly who came for aid. Adventurers bringing supplies of medquat and belladonna helped Sannaller keep the shrine open to visitors.

Allies & Enemies

Sannaller is a member of the Abbey of the Sword and it is by the authority of the Priest-General that she is in charge of Swordspoint Shrine. She remains on good terms with the Abbey, and considers her appointment to Battle-Chaplain as a great honor.

Sannaller also has a good relationship with Essembra's people and Lord Ilmeth, whom she is sometimes summoned to advise on matters of battle and war.

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