Race Half-Elf (Wood)
Gender Male
Age Adult
Place of Origin Cormanthor
Occupation Scout-Captain
Patron Deity
Affiliation The Mailed Mantle
Status Incorporeal Undead

Beluar Sylkalyn

One of Aencar Burlisk's oldest friends, stories told that Beluar and Aencar grew up together in the care of elves and were childhood rivals who later became friends after being forced to work together to save the village of Duathamper from a pack of rampaging leucrotta. When Aencar left the Cormanthor to forge his path as a mercenary, his friend accompanied him.

In death, his ghostly visage is as hale and hardy as he was said to be in life; tall and lithe from his Wood elven lineage, with a shock of thick hair braided and threaded with beads, dressed in fine elven leather armour. Alas, the look of horror from Beluar's last moment is etched upon his face, and even though his voice is measured and peaceable as it was in life, the expression of terror mars his appearance forever.

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