Alias Anders One-eye
Race Half-elf
Gender Male
Age 50s
Occupation Bounty Hunter, Mistran Councillor
Patron Deity Presumed Beshaba
Affiliation Mistledale's Council of Six
Status Alive

Anders Tallstag

A gruff half-elven fellow often seen in dark leathers sporting a single eye, Anders is a Dalesman who makes his living tracking criminals and ne'er-do-wells through the forests. Not best known for his good company, his humour is dark and dry, and little apparently motivates him more than the promise of easy money. However, he has proven reliable and good at his job, and he is on good terms with many of the woodsfolk residing between Mistledale and Battledale.

Too busy with politics to follow his usual profession of bounty-hunting, Anders nowadays posts bounties for others to take. Adventurers seeking reward for successful bounties can find him near the Riders' Compound in western Ashabenford.

Recent History & Rumors

Anders Tallstag's recent appointment to Mistledale's Council of Six came as a surprise to many. Nominated by well-regarded merchant Arvien Blackhair to represent the woodsmen of Mistledale, Anders reluctantly agreed to serve. Since his appointment, a rumour of his affiliation to Doommaster Taeryl Ravenstone has spread around Ashabenford, though no one has yet offered proof to back it up and most simply regard it as malicious gossip.

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