Sisterhood Of Essembra
Organization Type Female-only, Draconic-only
Leader(s) Anwae Mavin
Founded 1371 DR
Base of Operations Cormanthor Forest/Dalelands
Membership Small
Allies Harpers
Enemies Church of Tiamat
Status Active

Sisterhood Of Essembra

The Sisterhood of Essembra is a small and isolated female-only organization who live in the woodlands of Battledale. Many of its members claim descent from the notorious song dragon Essembramaerytha, though other dragon-blooded women may join.

The Sisters of Essembra followed Essembra's example, and usually went on journeys to have unplanned adventures, explore new magic, create new spellsongs, and make new friends. They were fiercely loyal to the people of Battledale, however, and spent most of their time helping its inhabitants, whether humans or fey, whenever help was needed.

The Sisterhood's leader is the song half-dragon Anwae Mavin.

Other notable members include Leliana Brightwing and Morressyn.

The Sisterhood was said to have been founded by the children of Essembramaerytha, known to non-dragons as the legendary adventuress Essembra. She had several half–song dragon daughters with humans who caught her fancy, and after her dramatic departure her daughters, many of them skilled sorcerers capable of assuming human form, dwelt quietly in the forest of Battledale. Some wed humans or elves, while others mated with passing song dragons. Over time, female half-dragons from other lands, mostly of silver and song lineages, joined them in quiet fellowship. They helped travelers who ventured into their forest, and over time locals began to call them the Sisterhood of Essembra.

However, the Sisterhood did not coalesce into a formal organization until 1371 DR, when drow from the Auzkovyn clan tried to invade Battledale. Essembra's half-dragon heirs joined with an army of Tempurans, Battledarran militiamen, druids, elves, and fey to drive the drow out of Battledale proper.

In 1373 DR, the last Rage of Dragons swept over Faerûn and the Sisterhood sought out metallic dragons living in the Dalelands and offered to watch over them while they slept in an effort to protect them from the effects of the Dracorage. Exaggerated rumors of their activities spread among the chromatic dragons of the Heartlands, and soon evil dragons began seeking individual sisters demanding their help as well. A few chromatics, such as the red dragon Thraxata, reacted poorly when the sisters explained that they had no cure. Since then, the Sisterhood earned the enmity of those dragons.

After the Rage of Dragons, the Sisterhood transformed itself into a formal organization and began to recruit new members. They also began to actively help metallic dragons who suffered the worst during the Dracorage, as well as those who were traumatized by the actions they had committed while they went mad. They extended their help to the non-dragon inhabitants of the Dalelands and Damara as well, for many humanoid communities suffered greatly under the attacks of maddened dragons, while explaining the truth about the dragon's rampage in hopes of mending the relationships between wyrms and non-dragons.

The Sisterhood work closely with the Harpers and can often rely on help from the people of Battledale, whom they have helped before.