Silver Ravens
Aliases The Ravens
Organization Type Adventuring, Military
Leader(s) Miklos Selkirk
Base of Operations Sembia
Membership 100-200 strong
Allies Allies of Sembia
Enemies Harpers
Status Active

Silver Ravens

The Silver Ravens are a fairly large, semi-political adventuring and military group founded and funded by ex-adventurer and prominent Sembian citizen Miklos Selkirk. The Ravens' agenda is put forth by their founder, ostensibly serving to improve Sembian relations with other lands. Other goals include gathering information on rivals of Sembia and amassing a collection of magical items for ends uncertain. All Silver Ravens wear an insignia of their namesake somewhere on their person, but are likely to keep it concealed when traveling abroad.

Ravens membership numbers in the low hundreds and requires only loyalty to Sembia. Goodly sorts, (paladins and other well-to-do adventurers), are encouraged to join the company, however they may be asked to undertake less-than-honorable methods to reach their ends. Nonetheless, the Ravens strive to expand and solidify their country's (good) name to any lands they enter.

Selkirk claims, at least in part, that his inspiration for forming the Silver Ravens came from the necessity of a group to confront and counter the Harpers, an organization that has interfered with Sembian goals in the past. Any enemies of Sembia are also enemies of the Ravens. It fallows that the Silver Ravens are allied to anyone allied with Sembia.