Riders Of Mistledale
Organization Type Military
Leader(s) Nelyssa Shendean
Base of Operations Ashabenford, Mistledale
Allies Church of Chauntea, Dalelands
Enemies Drow, Zhentarim
Status Active

Riders Of Mistledale

Effectively the standing army of Mistledale and the force that protects the Dale as a whole, the Riders patrol the roads of Mistledale and serve to fight off brigandry and drow raids that plague the countryside. Many of the Riders are paladins or champions in the service of Chauntea.

During the Time of Troubles, the Riders of Mistledale were able to rebuff a Zhentarim army at the battle of Sword Creek. Local legend claims that Tempus himself appeared to aid the Mistrans, and that Nelyssa Shendean survived that day due to Tempus' direct intervention. She went on to become the Captain of the Riders.

As well as their duties in tirelessly defending Mistledale from bandits and drow, the Riders of Mistledale were the strongest force in the alliance that broke Lashan Aumersair's occupation of Essembra in 1356 DR.

The Riders of Mistledale exist to protect Mistrans from malevolent conquest, banditry on the roads, and raids by drow. They are well respected by Dalesfolk and often credited with keeping the worst of the drow problem in check.

The Riders' only true enemies are the influences that they constantly battle - the Zhentarim, Drow, and brigands or unsavoury mercenary companies often fall foul of Rider patrols and, as such, hold them in hostile regard.