Red Wizards Of Thay
Organization Type Militaristic Magic
Leader(s) The Zulkirs
Founded YEAR
Base of Operations Thay
Membership Approx 1000 Red Wizards, 5000 non-red wizards
Enemies Harpers, Aglarond
Status Active

Red Wizards Of Thay

Long considered a threat to peace in eastern Faerûn, the Red Wizards of Thay have a history of war and aggression toward their neighbors and even more distant lands. In recent years, they have also become the principal purveyors of magical goods to the powerful, wealthy, and the desperate throughout much of Faerûn. Ensconced in secretive walled enclaves in dozens of cities, the Red Wizards command fear and respect far outside the borders of their native Thay. These mercantile enclaves have become so successful that many Red Wizards have abandoned their dreams of military conquest for a more insidious and pervasive form of power—the power of gold.

The Red Wizards’ efforts to export their magical goods abroad have resulted in three main benefits for the Thayans. First, people of distant lands are beginning to view the Red Wizards as mysterious, perhaps intimidating, merchants, rather than as would-be conquerors. Second, the sale of magic items, even at a discount, is a phenomenal source of revenue for the Red Wizards. Much of this wealth flows back to the coffers of the zulkirs (the leaders), who use the profits to fund magical research, espionage, and whatever terrible secret interests they may have. Finally, demand for Thayan goods is so high that the Red Wizards can exact significant concessions from local rulers anxious to bring some of the wealth generated by a Thayan enclave into their cities. The trade enclaves provide the Red Wizards with secure bases of operation, spy networks, and resources abroad.

The zulkirs may still be creating terrible battle spells and monstrous magical war machines in the secrecy of their homeland, but the public facade of the Red Wizards has become that of reliable, if eerie, traders in magic.

Many individual Red Wizards have taken interest in Cormanthor and the Dalelands over the years.

In Featherdale, the local wizard Cholandrothope was murdered by Red Wizards who, it is assumed, were seeking to gain magic from him. As Cholandrothipe had been responsible for magically raising ships over the falls - speeding trade up and down the river by avoiding a complex lock system - his death was a terrible blow to the Dales economy. As a result, Red Wizards, and Thayans in general, are not welcome in the Dale and may be met with open conflict in Feather Falls itself.

In 1376 DR, a group of Red Wizards were involved in some minor trouble in Feather Falls during a brief investigation into Mistfall House. A young Red Wizard was rescued from local thugs by a group of adventurers and returned to her cadre safely.

In Battledale, Dracandros, a Red Wizard of some power, held a tower near Hap and ruled the village as a tyrant until his demise at the hands of adventurers.

In 1376 DR, in Essembra, a small band of Red Wizards successfully negotiated the takeover of a local shop - which had abandoned but rumoured to have dark secrets beneath it - from Lord Jarath. The group seems to be running the shop as a trade outpost as they settle into the community. Only the Red Wizards know the terms of the agreement made behind closed doors.

In Scardale, the Red Wizards operate a full-scale Enclave. While the city remains in quarantine and chaos, their goods still manage to proliferate beyond the cursed city's walls somehow.

The Harpers consider the Red Wizards their enemies, as does The Simbul of Aglarond. Likewise, Thay and Mulhorand have been at odds for many years.

The Red Wizards are not welcome in Featherdale, but other dales welcome them cautiously.