Order Of The Heavenly Horn
Aliases Order of the Gilded Gavel
Organization Type Knightly Order
Leader(s) Wesinya Kelvala
Founded 1373 DR
Base of Operations Mistledale
Membership Small
Allies Church of Chauntea
Enemies Evildoers
Status Defunct

Order Of The Heavenly Horn

A group of knights - paladins and priests - from several faiths (Kelemvor, Tyr, and Lathander in particular) who banded together in the struggle against evil and chaos during the later half of 1373 DR. They were led by Wesinya Kelvala and counted among their members Halden Derric, Kristyn Farwood, Saul Deighman, Luther Ivanis, Hrothgar Umthfader and others.

Originally founded as the Order of the Gilded Gavel, the fledgling group liberated a trapped celestial being from the depths of the Barrowfields tombs after fighting off many of the horrors that lie within. The being they rescued was a Trumpet Archon who thanked them and tasked them with locating her lost Horn - stolen by the very mage who had imprisoned her in a den of evil.

The knights and their allies are recorded as visiting Heliott of Mistletarn and, it seems, found what they sought in the old mage's possession through peaceful means. Days following this, the Archon manifested once more at the Barrowfields where she reclaimed her horn and offered her support to the Order in their doings.

Soon after this, the group changed their name to the Order of the Heavenly Horn.

By the beginning of 1374 DR, the group seems to have moved on and away from the region, or has disbanded altogether.

The Order were well received by the Abbey of the Golden Sheaf and the temple of Tyr in Ashabenford, and folk who prized law and goodness in their ideals also supported the group.

Known members of the Order of the Heavenly Horn included: