Mailed Mantle
Organization Type Adventuring Company
Leader(s) Jarath Burlisk
(formerly Aencar, The Mantled King)
Founded 1375
(previously 1000s DR)
Base of Operations Essembra, Battledale
Membership Small
Allies Lord's Men
Abbey Of The Sword
Enemies Cult of the Dragon
Enemies of Battledale
Status Active

The Mailed Mantle

Jarath Burlisk, heir to Aencar the Mantled King and lord of Battledale, decreed the refounding of his ancestor's old company in 1375 DR. He invited valiant adventurers to join them as his personal retinue and royal guard, to join the four ghostly members brought forth from the elven artefact that proved his legitimacy.

The Mailed Mantle are considered a Shield of the Lord's Men, though the group are the personal retinue of Jarath Burlisk and are sworn to protect his person. To that end, they have occasionally been charged with retrieving and protecting artefacts of power so that they do not fall into the hands of evildoers and those who wish harm upon Battledale and its new Lord.

The four leading members of the Mailed Mantle originally served Aencar Burlisk several centuries ago as some of his trusted captains. The ghosts answer directly to Lord Jarath Burlisk, and manage the business of the Mailed Mantle on their Lord's behalf. They are;

Living members of the mantle include:

In the 1020s, Aencar Burlisk left Battledale with a group of mercenaries known as the Mailed Mantle. The sellswords were a Sembian mercenary group that found great success battling corruption in Sembia for various employers. Eventually corrupt Sembians and other foes they had made put a bounty on their heads and the Mailed Mantle returned to Battledale.

There, Aencar found his people being oppressed by corrupt merchants and common thieves. The Mailed Mantle set to work to clear them out of Battledale, and, in 1030 DR, Aencar was proclaimed the Lord of Battledale. In his nine years as the ruler of Battledale, Aencar did not sit idly. He looked after the Dalefolk in Battledale and he adventured against their enemies. The Mailed Mantle patrolled Battledale, and visitors of Battledale noted its strong and competent leader.

In 1038 DR, Aencar then began his campaign to make himself the King of the Dales. He persuaded some to join his cause, such as Tasseldale and Shadowdale, and against the others he struck swiftly and surely, putting Mantle members in seats of power across the Dales.

At Aencar's death in 1044 DR, Mantle members by and large retained their positions over their dales, though over time these lineages cracked and crumbled. In truth, Aencar's death - and with him the death of the rest of the senior members of the Mantle - was the end of the Mailed Mantle as a group.

The Mailed Mantle pledge their loyalty to Jarath Burlisk foremost, and to Essembra and Battledale as his sovereign kingdom.

While not strictly part of the Lord's Men, they also answer directly to Jarath.