The Lord's Men
Aliases Essembran Men-at-Arms
The Mailed Mantle (formerly)
Organization Type Military
Leader(s) Lord of Battledale
Founded 1044 DR
Base of Operations Essembra, Battledale
Allies The Mailed Mantle
Abbey Of The Sword
Enemies Drow, Bandits, Zhentarim, Church of Shar
Status Active

Lord's Men

The Lord's Men are Essembra's Men-at-Arms and are charged with defending Essembra against the dangers of the surrounding forest - whether they be rampaging monsters, brigands, drow, Zhentarim, and suchlike. These men and women are predominantly human (born Battledarrans and some settlers among them), with the rare demihuman among them (though not quite mirroring the population of Essembra in spread).

Though the Lord's Men do operate patrols along the township's streets, as well as manning the watchtowers and the palisade gates, their mandate is that of peacekeeping and putting down dangerous threats rather than policing to a letter of law.

Formed following the death of Aencar, the Mantled King, Ramorth Wyvernblade, the king's Swordcaptain, claimed the rulership of Essembra and Battledale with the support of most of the Mailed Mantle; the mercenary force that had by this point formed the core of Aencar's army and guard force. The Mailed Mantle was no more, and instead the force became known as the Lord's Men; sworn to protect the Lord of Battledale and the people of Essembra from outside threats.

With the reformation of the Mailed Mantle following the ascension of Jarath Burlisk to Battledale's Lordship, the Lord's Men continue to hold their mandate as guardians of the Dale.

The growth of the Abbey of the Sword and the close relationship between the Tempurans and the lordship of Essembra has not only afforded the Tempurans a shrine in the Old Town, but enabled the Lord's Men to become a more effective force under Tempuran tuition.

However, the Lord's Men are not directly linked with the church of Tempus and is not a religious organisation. Members are free to follow whatever deity they wish, and membership includes followers of Chauntea, the Red Knight, and others gods popular in the region.

War-Chancellor: Lord Jarath Burlisk

Swordcaptain: Valary Greaves
Swordcaptain: Birvon Bloodhorn

The Shields of the Lord's Men are:

  • “Hapteeth” (derogatorily: “The Boarding House”) led by Swordmajor Rigem of Hap
  • “Tantul's Testers” led by Swordmajor Murvag Cask
  • “Young Hooves” led by Swordmajor Idrel Rivermight
  • “Jelzi's Wolves” led by Swordmajor Jelzi Proudeyes
  • “Sausages” led by Swordmajor Cossie Silverguard
  • “Brebon's Blades” led by Swordmajor Brebon Chitsk
  • “Browncloaks” led by Swordmajor Juliana Carna

Under Ilmeth, the Lord's Men were organised into three companies; Iron, Golden and Arandur Companies. With the near destruction of Arandur Company and the death of Ilmeth, the new Lord Jarath Burlisk restructured the organisation to suit his needs.