The Knights of Saint Ambrose
Organization Type Religious
Leader Mikail Avhoste
Founded 1373 DR
Base of Operations Essembra
Membership Small
Enemies Drow
Status Inactive

Knights of Saint Ambrose

While an organization in name, the Knights of Saint Ambrose are more popularly known for their disarray. However, despite rumor and appearances, they are in fact a tightly woven brotherhood of men and women dedicated to three goals:

  1. To spread the influence and uphold the principles of their patron, the god Tempus
  2. To eradicate all drow threats within the Dalelands.
  3. To destroy the demon which has claimed the soul of Eldan Ambrose.

The Knights of Saint Ambrose were consecrated on the 24th of Marpenoth, 1373 DR, along the shore of Sword Creek. The Tempuran priest Mikail Avhoste performed the rites during a public sermon in which he told the history of Mistledale's struggles, recalled the life of Eldan Ambrose, and declared the man a saint of the Tempuran faith. As part of this process the assembled congregation was asked to join the priest in dedicating themselves to Ambrose's memory and those who stepped forward formed the original Knights of Saint Ambrose.

Since its founding, the group's numbers have hovered around five or six men, and there seems to be no indication that they are actively seeking to recruit any more. As Mikail Avhoste has said, “I cannot show a man his calling, only the path to reach it.”

Of their goals, the Knights are known for defending the outlying farms around Ashabenford from several drow raids, though what headway they've made in culling this threat is uncertain. It's rare for them to be anything but tight-lipped regarding their progress towards reclaiming Saint Ambrose's soul.

Given the loose structure of the group, it could be said that their affiliations are as wide and varied as those of the individual knights themselves, and they've been known to work with almost anyone willing to help them further their goals.

Interestingly, the Knights of Saint Ambrose have had little interaction with the nearby Abbey of the Sword. The reasons for (and ramifications of) this are largely a matter for speculation.

Given the Knights' lack of obvious presence these days, it's widely believed that the group have either disbanded, been slain, or simply moved on.

Known members of the Knights of Saint Ambrose include:

Former members: