The Keepers
Organization Type Adventuring, Military
Leader(s) Stance Undon, Mineva Anjali
Founded 1374 DR
Base of Operations Essembra, Battledale
Membership Small
Allies llmeth Wyvernblade
Enemies Zhentarim
Eldreth Veluuthra
Status Inactive

The Keepers

A group of like minded individuals rounded together in a common goal. The Keepers seems to be a small somewhat enigmatic organization with varied goals. Lead by a Paladin of Helm and his lover, the group seems extremely vocal about honoring the Dalelands Compact and takes a strong stance against any who threaten the Dales by means of violence or subterfuge.

Founded by Stance Undon and Mineva Anjali the Keepers have not been very vocal with their existance, likely formed to separate themselves and others from the stereotype of “adventurer”, someone who doesn't stand for anything but profit; the group is an advocate of the Dales Compact and has come to the aid of both human and elf alike.

Members of The Keepers have been noted with combating a vile green wyrm, and waging war with giants invading Mistledale.

The group was formally founded on Kythorn of 1374 DR.

The Keepers seem to be willing to ally themselves with any who concern themselves with the protection of the dales.

Recently the Keepers have been signed on as Warrant Officers of Ilmeth Wyvernblade, working under command of Ryman Whiteshield.

Though they have no official arrangements or alliances with the Council of Mistledale, they each share many overlapping goals and it is likely that the governing body would be sympathetic, if not supportive.