House Jaelre
Organization Type Unknown
Leader(s) Unknown
Founded Unknown
Base of Operations Cormanthor
Membership Presumed Large
Allies Unknown
Enemies Mistledale, surface Elves, Lolth-worshipers
Status Active

House Jaelre

Few have managed to put a name to the bands of drow that often make raids against the villages of Mistledale and western Battledale, but some have put together smatterings of witness reports to give these drow the name of House Jaelre.

A large group, these drow are worshippers of Vhaeraun and their raids are often to steal foodstuffs or useful supplies from dalesfolk, presumably to bolster their own positions deep within the forest.

Rumours abound that a moon elf of Mistledale village Elven Crossing aimed to make a truce with these drow after the attacks on Ashabenford in 1373 DR proved costly to both sides, and that such a truce was respected… but for a while. Further rumours state that these drow were, during the spring of 1374 DR suddenly found to be in possession of fine dwarven-made weapons, which many of their raiding parties still carry, and that this may be related to the fact that Glen was strangely spared during the drow's winter campaign of terror.

The leadership of this band remains unknown, though some say that a crippled drow male occasionally shows his face to parley. This group are believed to be in contact, but at odds, with another large band of drow in the forest.