Guild Of Alchemists
Organization Type Professional / Commercial Guild
Leader(s) None - decisions by member vote
Founded 1374
Base of Operations Essembra, Battledale
Membership Small
Allies N/A
Enemies N/A
Status Active

Guild of Alchemists

The Guild of Alchemists is an organisation dedicated to the art and craft of potion-brewing, herbalism, and physical medicine. Brewers of all kinds are welcome to join the Guild, with provision also made for those who with to learn the art of brewing themselves.1)

As well as several adventurers who offer more specialist services, the guild also boasts a number of brewers constantly hard at work at the premises to provide the highly desired potion stocks sold by alchemist Raella Wistgrayne in Essembra's market.

Anyone who wishes to join the guild is best to talk with the receptionist or with Clandery.

As a trade guild, membership is not solely for potion-brewers. People who wish to join in a brewing capacity are given access to the laboratory unsupervised, while those who wish to learn may be offered training.

Other roles for members include managing her herb and mushroom garden on site, providing supplies (perhaps foraged from the forest) and working as shipment guards and enforcers, as well as working in the administration of the guild's business interests and the guild library.

Membership confers the right to use workshop equipment, the library, and garden, as well as access to reagents in the guild store cupboards, and the expertise of other members. Members also gain access to a meeting room and private bedrooms where they may freely rest.

Known Members

  • Raella Wistgrayne - Shopkeeper in Battle Court
  • Valeska Odaryn - Apothecary
  • Toman - Ward of the guild, runner, cleaner
  • Esmerelle Furlough - Theoretical Alchemist & Librarian
  • Howard Brinson - Alchemist
  • Kier Glynmaris - Alchemist
  • Artimus Brown - Administrator, receptionist
  • Clandery - Eternal student, gardener & Guild Representative

Callen the Magnificent, the most well-known potion-maker in Essembra in his time, founded the guild in the summer of 1374 DR in association with adventurers Sarunielle Lenoliath and Melsany Trinder, finally receiving official approval from the office of Lord Ilmeth at the beginning of Eleint that same year.

Tragedy struck, however, before the guild could open its doors as Callen died in a freak accident - choking on his wine at the Bold Banners festhall. Fortunately, Callen's apprentice Ermyc Norwood assumed the responsibilities of his deceased master and took up the mantle of Guildmaster.

After Melsany Trinder's involvement with the death of Lord Ilmeth, Ermyc Norwood was seen leaving Essembra with a wagon loaded with valuables. The guild thereafter reorganised to eschew a single leadership - instead opting self-governance by member vote. Their first elected public representative was Clandery, who was recognised for his efforts in foiling Melsany Trinder's nefarious plans and aiding Battledale.

At the founding of the guild, Lord Ilmeth's edict of recognition required all brewers selling their produce to be members of the guild by law or face a punishment at the notorious Gristmill for unlicensed potion brewing. This was not actively enforced, save by a few thugs in the employ of Guildmaster Norwood and his second in command, Melsany. As of 1376 DR, Lord Jarath rescinded this licensing-by-membership requirement, allowing brewers to ply their trade freely whether they chose to join the Guild or not.

The Guild has had a strained relationship with Essembra following the murder of Lord Ilmeth, however they have begun to win back official and public approval through a complete change in their operations. While they no longer enjoy the close relationship the traitorous Melsany Trinder had with Lord Ilmeth, they remain recognised by Lord Jarath as foremost in the fields of potion brewing and medicine.

Other alchemists in nearby dales do business with the Guild in matters of ingredients and processed materials.

As a guild of craftspeople, they have a good relationship with the local House of Gond and, appropriately, regularly tithe to the local temple.

When the Guild held the exclusive rights for potion trade in Essembra, some murmured about unfair monopolies and price hiking — though the Guild maintained (and anyone who were to check any records would note) that there have been no such price rises. Since the restructuring of the guild and the removal of their sole right to brew in summer 1376DR, these murmurings have all but ceased.

More sinister rumours surround the formation of the Guild and accompanying events; some (particularly adventurers) claiming that Callen's death was not just an unfortunate coincidence, but a part of the unknown price that had to be paid to found the Guild on desired terms. However, no evidence of wrongdoing was discovered, and Guild members blame such speculation on those who, for whatever reason, wish to undermine them.

The feat Brew Potion is highly recommended, but not required. All classes are eligible for membership in various roles - eg. assassins regarding poison-use, druids/rangers regarding herbal foraging, clerics with medical specialisms etc. This is a PC-created organisation driven by PC involvement.