fire knives_symbol.jpg
Fire Knives
Organization Type Criminal Guild
Leader(s) Lord Tagreth Cormaeril
Founded 932 DR
Base of Operations Castle Cormaeril, Westgate
Membership Secretive
Allies Unknown
Enemies Cormyr

Fire Knives

The Fire Knives are a centuries-old band of assassins and rogues, famed for their ability to blend in with high society, their proficiency with poisons, and their eagerness to accept almost any job.

The Fire Knives began as a band of rogues and assassins based in Cormyr. In 1341 DR, they were blamed for the assassination of a local lord and his scullery maid, and driven from the land overnight by adventurers and the crown alike. While the core of the guild reformed in Westgate, agents have been scattered across Cormyr, Sembia, the Dales, and Chessenta.

Though the Kingdom of Cormyr itself seems unaware (or unburdened) by the guild's slow revival, some circles believe that a grand conspiracy is afoot - that, from their perch far away, they plan the assassinations of many prominent Cormyrian nobles and an eventual move for power. Such folk are often dismissed for ascribing any untimely death to their name, unhindered by any and all evidence to the contrary.

Scoundrels, miscreants, and hardened professionals all likely know of the guild's close ties to the houses Bleth and Cormaeril. If one wished to join (or hire) the Fire Knives in the Dalelands, one could do worse than starting with a a certain prominent Bleth who's quite literally set up shop in the Rauvedon Hills.