Eldreth Veluuthra
Aliases Uluuth Phlarenn (The Cleansing Blade)
Organization Type Secret, Ideological
Leader(s) The Blade Lords
Founded 261 DR
Base of Operations Unknown
Membership A few hundreds
Allies Unknown
Enemies Harpers
Status Active

Eldreth Veluuthra

The Eldreth Veluuthra, a term that means “Victorious Blade of the People” in the elven tongue, is an old and very secretive fellowship of elves who are fanatical in their view of humans as unclean beasts. No habitual human contact is tolerated; the Eldreth sees humans as sickening degenerates. Half-elves are walking abominations, living embodiments of the sin of human and elven contact.

Among the Fair Folk, the very existence of this group is rarely admitted, let alone discussed, even among the Tel'Quessir. Nevertheless, a sizable, albeit small, minority of elves sympathize with the principles of the Eldreth Veluuthra, even if they dislike the group's tactics and fanaticism. Among humans and half-elves, particularly those who dwell in isolated settlements in the wilderness, the rumored existence of a secret sect of xenophobic elven slayers is one of many alleged evildoings – the majority of which are untrue – blamed on the oft-misunderstood Fair Folk. Those humans and half-elves who are aware that the Eldreth Veluuthra exists, such as the Harpers and like-minded groups, find themselves in the difficult situation of having to cover up evidence of this group's atrocities so as not to further inflame hatred against those peaceful elves who remain in Faerun.

The Eldreth slays humans where it can (especially prospectors, explorers, trailblazers, and even adventurers), seeking to slow or block human expansion into all wooded areas – and Cormanthor in particular, given its revered memory as the ancient homeland of elvenkind. Its members slaughter half-elves wherever and whenever reprisals are unlikely. They target influential humans and half-elves in particular, choosing their victims so as to destabilize realms, particularly those bordering elven woodlands, in the hopes of minimizing the economic impetus to clear more forests and to settle more land. On occasion, the Eldreth attempts to unleash other forces against the ever-spreading mass of humanity, whether it be an orc horde or a deadly plague, in the hopes of wiping out entire settlements. However, such large-scale assaults rarely affect only the hated humans, and they often draw unwanted attention to the society. As a result, members of the Eldreth Veluuthra have largely foregone such tactics until they can be further refined as not to impact communities of elves and allied sylvan beings.

The establishment of the Eldreth Veluuthra as a secret society can be traced to the creation of Myth Drannor in the Year of Soaring Stars (261 DR). However, the group's ideology is rooted in basic antipathy towards humanity that the arrogant Netherese engendered in the more conservative elven houses of Cormanthyr, Earlann, Illefarn, Sharrven and Siluvanede. By the end of the Year of Pages Perilous (262 DR), five major elven houses – Bharaclaiev, Hyshaanth, Rhaevaern, Starym, and Tellynnan – as well as a dozen or so other minor families had left Myth Drannor, unwilling to accept the Coronal's (the elven king) decision to open the city to the non-elves. For nearly five centuries, leading members of these five houses and like-minded elves from other realms of the Fair Folk met in secret, debating how best to reverse the seemingly inexorable tide of humanity that threatened to overwhelm elven holdings across Faerun. As they debated, these elves tallied up what they saw as the ever-growing number of reasons to hold humans in contempt. They watched in horror as greedy humans deprived their own kin of food while lining their pockets with coin. They observed with outrage the slash-and-burn tactics humans employed when they warred against one another, often destroying the land more thoroughly than they destroyed their enemies. And they ground their teeth in white-hot fury as humans committed the ultimate act of shortsightedness, cutting down huge swaths of virgin timber just to create grazing land for livestock.

The Weeping War (711–714 DR) that destroyed Myth Drannor was the event that finally gave birth to the society as a formalized organization. The members of the organization could no longer sit idly by and merely catalog the crimes against nature that had been perpetrated by the human vermin. They felt the burning need to do something that would strike a blow for elvenkind. They began to divide themselves into smaller groups to train for the task they had appointed for themselves—killing humans. Taking the name Eldreth Veluuthra, the human-loathing elves claimed their first successes in 757 DR, initiating a series of lethal attacks that persist to this day.

Members of the Eldreth Veluuthra are in great number in the forests of Cormanthor. They see the ruins of Myth Drannor and the Elven Court as sacred sites, and aggressively act against any would-be plunderers, adventurers, and drow who seek to exploit them. They often disguise themselves as drow when striking, to incite further hatred between them and the Dalesfolk should any of their victims flee and survive. During the Retreat and the abandonment of Faerun by elvenkind, the Eldreth Veluuthra set about preparing to take the forest of Cormanthor for themselves, but these plans were laid to waste when they were driven out by the drow of House Jaelre.

Agents are rumored to operate near Bristar and Moonrise Hill in Deepingdale, and near the Tangled Trees, where they try to rally and recruit like-minded elves to their murderous causes. The area of the Vale of Lost Voices is also considered sacred to the organization.