The Dragonguard
Aliases d'Edoras' Men
Organization Type Military
Leader(s) Sir Johann d'Edoras
Founded 1374
Base of Operations d'Edoras' Keep, Feather Falls
Allies Allies of Featherdale
Enemies Enemies of Featherdale, House Hyraken of Cormyr
Status Active

The Dragonguard Of d'Edoras

The personal militia of Johann d'Edoras of Feather Falls is tasked with protecting Feather Falls and its immediate vicinity from monsters and other lawless presence. Headquartered at the old keep now restored by the incoming Protector of Feather Falls, the Dragonguard are a proud band of soldiers - veteran and greenhorn.

Originally the retinue of ex-Purple Dragon soldiers and warriors from Cormyr who made the journey east with their master, the group are credited with assisting their lord in slaying the fell dragon Thraxata the Red, who had once plagued various dales with her predations and had turned her attention to Featherdale. Tasked by the town of Feather Falls with ridding them of this beast as condition of them accepting their new lord, d'Edoras and his men returned victorious with the dragon's corpse in 1374 DR.

Leader: Sir Johann d'Edoras

Constal: Auldo Hybrooke

Lionar: Marshall Merendil